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Tonny Robbins | Unleash Your Gift! Get Ready for 2020!



We live in a cognitively-driven world so we tend to overlook the underlying INVISIBLE FORCES. The truth is, our MINDS are FUELED by EMOTION. EMOTION is a HABIT. We can train it like a muscle. EMOTIONAL FITNESS expands our thoughts, our understandings, our actions, our abilities, the way we interact with people, and the way we experience the world. Where do you live, EMOTIONALLY?


Are you HUNGRY to BE, DO, CREATE, SHARE, and GIVE even more?

HUNGER will DRIVE YOU through your challenges, setbacks, and fears. For over 40 years I’ve been obsessed with the question: What is it that makes the DIFFERENCE in people’s lives? I’m the ‘Why’ guy.

I want to know why some people keep going when everyone else quits. Why do some people simply TALK about a dream and never follow through, while others work tirelessly and relentlessly to find a way to break through ANY obstacle? And why do some people get complacent and settle for a life that doesn’t really fulfill them while others are driven to pursue their heart’s calling?

As much as you might want to believe that some people are just “lucky,” when you REALLY dig in…that story doesn’t always hold up, does it? The truth is, when someone is handed everything in life and doesn’t have to work for it, they probably won’t have the same kind of DRIVE as someone who is HUNGRY to make a change and is absolutely LOCKED IN on realizing their dreams. ??‍♀️ .

This is not a hunger that comes and goes. We’re not talking about dabbling. All over the world, the most successful people are the ones who have a CONSISTENT, INSATIABLE HUNGER — one that NEVER goes away. They will NEVER SETTLE for less than they can BE, DO, SHARE, CREATE, or GIVE. ? .

This kind of HUNGER to serve something beyond yourself will DRIVE YOU through your fear of failure and fuel you through the challenges we inevitably face. It is the force that locks you into a meaningful commitment and fastens you to the goal you’ve decided upon and you won’t sleep at night until you see it through!

? In those that are driven beyond the crowd, that HUNGER is IRREPRESSIBLE and it is one of the key factors and true GIFTS of the human spirit that fuels our endeavors and makes dreams reality. Across different genres and visions of all kinds, the one thing the great visionaries and industry leaders universally all have in common is a HUNGER to be even better, and serve even more.


The Antidote to Anger & Fear is GRATITUDE 

What could you choose to be GRATEFUL for right NOW if you wanted to? Remember, the CHOICE is always ours! We can look for what’s missing, OR we can consciously direct our focus to find JOY and FULFILLMENT in what we already have. What’s wrong is ALWAYS available — so is what’s RIGHT. This holiday season, let’s ACTIVATE GRATITUDE every single day.



What’s the gift that they’ll never forget? We all know the answer: ❤️OUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ❤️ This holiday season, decide to be a generous lover with your PRESENCE and WILLINGNESS TO CONNECT with the people assembled around you.


Consciousness = CARING

Consciousness is a concept that can sound esoteric, but all it really means is CARING. The simple truth is, the more we care about others, the more ALIVE and ENGAGED we’re going to feel. We all have a great gift as humans. We get to expand our consciousness through caring for others — beyond our self — and cultivating daily practices to live more mindfully. The holiday season is a wonderful time of being with our family, loved ones, and ourselves in a more PRESENT state — with more compassion and awareness. When we care at this depth, we are awake to the miracle of life.

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