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Financial Director, Investor, Author, Buissiness Coach

About Susanna

Susanna Sarigianni began her career as a co-founder of SARIGIANNI Company, gaining unparalleled experience in the apparel and fashion industry while establishing herself as an Experienced Marketing and Creative Director. Skilled in Business Process, Business Strategy, Business Transformation, Knowledge Management, and Negotiations. Currently, is Financial Director at SARIGIANNI Company and Investor. Susanna starts to be known also as business coach, loves helping people find more joy, empowerment and purpose in their life! While her writing engagements as an author have taken to find a new path to fulfillment. She has spent the majority of her life traveling the world, but Susanna is proud to call Greece her home!

Susanna Sarigianni
Financial Director, Investor, Author
& Buissines Coach

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PASSIVE INCOME is a STATE of MIND: Want to Stop Struggling for money? UNFU€K your finances!

Whenever you’re looking for extra cash, the first thing that comes to mind is to look for a part-time job. What if you’re too tired to do additional work? Money is very important. But, isn’t it better if you have plenty of both time and money? This is where passive income comes handy.

Learn the Three Success Strategies for Creating Passive Income.

Which are the Three Critical Mindsets for Creating Passive Income.

Explore The Top 5 Ways to Create Passive Income.

Become the master of your finance and free time.

How to Be Happy: Success Habits / Guide for Habits

Having the Road to Success It takes a lot of dedication and discipline in life to be successful. There are no quick schemes, or short cuts to follow. While there are several factors that will determine how successful you become, there is only one key element that you need to develop: discipline. Disciplining yourself allows you to develop healthy habits in life that will help you to become a productive and progressive member of the community.

Habits for a Successful Career

Habits for Successful Relationships

Habits for Happiness

Best Morning and Evening Routine